Integrating into French school and missing home

After two weeks of Autumn holiday in October we had the gruefull pleasure of putting the kids to school again. Stomach pain for the big one (and the parents) and a lot of crying from the little one. We went through the whole register at the morning table. They had both been fearing going to … Continue reading Integrating into French school and missing home

Budgets and reports and a big leap of faith

We signed the deal and pushed the button leaving us 10 days of final reflection. It turned out late in the events, that the septic tanks had quite a few remarks in a report we hadn't seen. There were no further investigations, which left us with no idea about the costs of getting them up … Continue reading Budgets and reports and a big leap of faith

Nervous as hell

It's been quiet I know, and actually so many things are going on. We're about to buy a house!!! But I'm too scared to share it before I'm sure everything falls into place and we have a signed contract. Hopefully we'll get there very soon and you'll hear a lot more about it and of … Continue reading Nervous as hell

On the road

I feel we've been on the road for the past 10 days. We're back in Denmark for a short stop. Mainly to talk to the bank but also to attend an invitation. We're staying in my parents summerhouse in Tibirke, which is awesome in autumn. I love having the forest next door and seeing all … Continue reading On the road

Challenged by compromise

After four weeks of fruitless househunting our faith and plans are challenged when we see yet another house that we don't like or that doesn't suit our criteria. It almost feels impossible at times. We had big hopes for a house in La Penne that we saw last Tuesday. Teis found the add and it … Continue reading Challenged by compromise

Househunting and homeschooling

We got our first rejection today. We made an offer on the pink house and they rejected it, not even offering a contra offer. Our real estate agent said that the house was set way too expensive, which was why we tried in the first place. The real estate market here is quite different from … Continue reading Househunting and homeschooling