Winter is always coming

Jon Snow is about the only good thing in a Winter Wonderland. He looks good in his Winter Ikea dress-up. He has people putting him in his furry, brown wintersuit. But! Jon Snow knows nothing.


Yes, Winter. You got it. That’s what we’re talking about. When the blinds go up and you sense no difference in light, ambience or mood. The daily, dark routine of getting yourself up, seeing your husband get up and getting two kids up, dressed, fed and ready for school or kindergarten sucks in Winter. Really. Be earnest. Everything is lighter and more enjoyable in good weather. It’s not the clothes that are wrong, it’s the climate. I only cry a little bit when discussing if and why an 8-year old lady has to get up and go to school, brush her teeth, put on her sweater, put on her jacket and put on that f…. smile. But when it comes to the little one. And his snowsuit. Oh the snowsuit! It’s full-blown break-down. For both of us. How I hate it. It’s certain every time. It’s a battlefield. And how do we feel at the doorstep after a battle. Blissed? Serene? Calm? Enjoying a new day’s rising? No! Someone is usually crying and the other is sweating, mumbling angry words and walking in a fast pace towards the nursery.

You might think this is over. Yes, because it’s springtime, I know. And you’re all happy and golly thinking summer is coming, enchanted to think it will last forever. It wont. Its not summer that’s coming. It’s winter taking a break. Winter is coming. Always. Winter is coming, again and again and again. So what do we do?

We decided to do something different this time. Instead of buying two weeks of summer somewhere nice and prepare for Winter, we are selling our apartment, our car, our snowsuits and prepare to move where the summer is longer, lasting and almost forever. So when Winter is coming, we wont be here.

We will be in the South of France. We don’t know where yet. The house hunting is on, but it’s difficult to find the perfect spot. The idea is to buy a Bed and Breakfast and live from it. We would love to take you all on the journey, which is why I started this blog. There have already been a lot of ups and downs, but we’re getting wiser and the project is progressing. I will try to share with you where we are in the process, whats happening right now, the practical steps as well as the psychological steps. It’s not always easy taking unthrodden steps and move into a more uncertain life cycle than what you know of. We made the ‘if I die’ test, and we would hate to not having tried at least. So that’s what we’re doing. We’re trying.

Please come with us 🙂