Where the hills are green and the sky is blue

Why do you always see the perfect place from a distance and it’s not for sale?

Can you see the house on the photo? Placed amidst green hills, in a quiet setting on the other side of an almost uninhabited medieval village. All you hear is the great blue sky. I imagine life in a peaceful pace, a cold drink on the terrrasse, kids running free, seeing an eagle once in a while hovering the hills, guests at the pool taking a swim. That’s pretty much what we’re looking for.

During the last half a year’s househunting we’ve been through quite a lot of options, pros and cons. We’ve come to the conclusion (for now) that we wish to be in the countryside. We would like to have the space for our kids to run around, for the guests to be able to find private spots in the garden, to be in a quiet space where there is not too much noise. In Provence you have loads of possibilities to seek up citylife either in the small charming villages or in the lively Riviera. When you return after a day’s adventure we would like to be the spot to put up your feet and have a rest. You can stay there all day if you want to enjoy the pool and just relax. We will be there to take care of you, give the kids an icecream, pass the parents a well-deserved drink, show you where to go for a nice walk the next day etc. Or you can take a drive to experience Provence, you can go kayaking in the great Gorge du Verdon, go for a hike, take bicycle tours, go to the sea. The sky is the limit. When you return in the afternoon, you have your room to chill in and maybe you go for a swim in the pool in the eveningsun, while we prepare dinner. You don’t need to go out again to find a restaurant, discuss where to eat, be worried whether you step into one of thousand touristtraps or the perfect authentic restaurant only you discovered. No, you just relax and get ready for dinner. From the local, organic groceries we make homemade food from the ground every day for you to enjoy in the terrasse or somewhere in the garden, while the night is coming and the heat of the day is turning into a dreamy, caressing breeze. You don’t need to go to Thailand to get this. It’s right here, in our own continent.

Does this sound like heaven on Earth? We hope so. And we hope that we can find the right spot to build this up for you guys. The challenges are many and so far noisy roads are one of them, unaccesible houses with bad roads are a second and of course finding that charming house that haven’t been ruined by bad-taste renovations is also quite apparent at our price level. If you’ve been househunting yourself you know the three most important rules: 1. location 2. location 3. location. And since we’re searching in an area somwhere near the size of Denmark, it’s not that easy to figure out what is good location. Except from avoiding a highway in your backyard. We try sticking to Var, mainly the East of Var with some detours going West or South. But in the end it’s so much up to chance finding the right spot that is available at the right time. We’ll see where it takes us.

Don’t hesitate to comment and bring us your inputs. We would love to hear what you would want from your next holiday.

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