Almost there

So it seems everything is falling into place. The apartment is sold, yeah! We still need the final go from the buyers bank, but we believe it is all okay. I will let you know if it fails… We are leaving on the 8th of August and sweet sweet Thea and Christoffer will take over the apartment on the 15th. It couldn’t be better planned. Thank God I was so patient and calm about it…

We are busy packing everything and sorting all the stuff we don’t need. We’re going to store it with a storage company and will probably not see our stuff for the next 4-6 months, so there is really no need to pack unnecessary stuff. The kids won’t see their toys for maybe half a year, which makes me believe they won’t remember what they had and what I have thrown. We’ll see about that. Aya seems to remember every single piece of plastic trash she picks up. It’s happened more than once that she asked for a specific little thing that has been laying around for weeks and finally when I throw it into the trash, she comes asking about it. Of course I answer her in all honesty, that I don’t know where it is and I don’t recall having seen it.

I’ve added some info to the site, where you can read a little bit about Who are we and where we are going, Our whereabouts


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What we are eating while packing. Burrata cheese with tomatoes, olive oil and basil.