First day in France

We made it. We’re finally here.

We arrived yesterday in Toulon and picked-up a car and drove to Fayence/Tourrettes where we have rented a 60m2 holiday home until the 26th of September. The drive to Fayence, shopping for the first groceries and Teis cooking his Spaghetti Bolognese feels like coming home. Seeing the kids eat more lunch today than I’ve seen in a long time, baguette with salami – Eddie is primarily eating the salami directly from the package, makes me believe that it was the right decision to leave Denmark. We’re alright about having sold the apartment. We are of course still in the very babysteps of creating a home here, so we might get homesick when reality kicks in and the ‘vacation’ time is over. But right now, it feels good.


Tuesday in Denmark this was impossible to imagine. I was torn to pieces by packing and packing and packing. It seemed as an endless journey to the trash can. It just wouldn’t stop. Old things, new things appearing from cupboards and drawers I’m sure I had emptied the day before. And the decisions, oh my. What to bring, what to trash, what to sell, what to give away, what to store in the storage magazine and what to store with family just in case we need it within the next 2,3,6 months. But we proceeded according to plan, well knowing that Wednesday we would be on an airplane to France no matter what. Who can pity anyone with that plan. So we pushed ourselves through the days and actually managed to get almost everything done and deliver a neat, clean apartment for the new owners Wednesday morning.

Our furniture, books, kitchen stuff, clothes (we brought way too much) and all the rest is stoved away in 9m2 in a storage company in Copenhagen. I don’t get how they fit that in, but obviously it is not an option for Teis to go an get his Birkenstock that happen to be in a box somewhere. Likewise we already miss quite a lot of kitchen equipment, but what to pack for somewhere around 3-6 months and it was already hard to fit clothes for four people, school books, our books, French lesson books, toys and pretty much a whole bathroom cupboard in 4 bags.

On Monday we’re going to see the first house (on top of the 40 we’ve seen before) and we’re looking forward to take up the game again. There are quite a lot of interesting subjects, so hopefully we’ll come across a hidden gem somewhere in between the next seven weeks. If we do so we expect a three months waiting period for the administrative part to process. So if all go well and we stick to the plan of opening a Bed and Breakfast in Provence we will be house owners in France when January come.

Right now we’re focusing on settling in and enjoying the peaceful pace with the kids. We’re homeschooling Aya until we know where we are going to live. When we know both Aya and Eddie will start in the local school. But for now schedule is starting on Monday and Teis is math and swim teacher and I do the differentiated language classes for three ages. We have a pool outside our door and both Aya and Eddie are thrilled about it. That said it has been pouring down since we came yesterday. Luckily we were sun-satisfied from home, so we enjoy seeing some rain and thunder again making it ideal weather for a game of Uno.

Greetings from a rainy Riviera backland.

Á bientôt!