Visit in Denmark

I feel we’ve been on the road for the past 10 days. We’re back in Denmark for a short stop. Mainly to talk to the bank but also to attend an invitation. We’re staying in my parents summerhouse in Tibirke, which is awesome in autumn. I love having the forest next door and seeing all the leaves change from green to yellow and orange. The air feels so clean and fresh up there. As Aya said, the good thing about Denmark is that the air feels so fresh. Now, I would say it mainly feels cold, but fresh is the positive version definitely worth appreciating. Teis got up every morning and went with the kids to collect chanterelles in the wood – ‘efterårshygge’ at it’s best. Now we’re back in Vesterbro, staying with Teis’ brother, next door to our old apartment. A bit strange but great to spend time with family in well known surroundings. We don’t regret moving or selling the apartment. It’s around 20-24 degrees now in Provence and we can’t wait to head back tomorrow and settle in the new house we rented in Seillans for the next three months.

Autumn-hygge in summerhouse

Seillans is the neighbor village to Fayence, where we lived until now. It’s surrounded by green hills and is very beautiful. We will look into the possibility of registering the kids to the local school to get some more working time on our hands. We’re quite busy homeschooling and entertaining two kids every day and it would be nice to have more time to look into marketing and all the administrative things that we will have to deal with as soon as we have a house.

Luckily the bank agreed to our proposed budget. We’re so happy about that and we can finally get a better feeling of where we stand and where we’re heading in financial terms. When we get back we have a house that we’re interested in and would like to make an offer on. If they agree to the price we’ll soon be happy house owners but if not, we’re at it again since the budget is fixed. We can’t do much about it. We’ll see how it goes. Anyhow we’re planning to focus on school and everyday life the next three months instead of househunting. It can be stressful looking for something that isn’t there. Really trying doesn’t necessarily help. We know very well what we want now, so we’ll see what comes our way.

We made it home for a sneak preview of Vildheks, which was awesome. We all loved it.

It’s been some busy days in Denmark. As you probably recognize if you’ve been staying abroad, home-visits are the most stressful part. It’s been really good to see my parents and except from anniversaries, bank meeting and doctor’s appointments we’ve prioritized to make playdates with Aya’s friends and even Eddie had a playdate a the playground yesterday, with his three kindergarten homies. Aya was so happy to see her friends and tomorrow she will attend a whole day in her old school before we leave in the evening. In France we have some long days on the road seeing houses, but then we have ‘normal’ days, resting days, with school and pooltime. Here it’s been busy pretty much every day. It’s been good but also tough for the kids to move around without having a real home. They know they’re only visiting and in France we don’t have anything near a home yet. We look forward to be settled in France and have somewhere we can call home. A room for the kids, they can call their room with their stuff. An everyday that don’t implies being away from your school and friends but actually having new friends and daily life in a new place.

We don’t expect to come back anytime soon. We need to find ourselves a home.


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