Ferme le Pavillon

Yeah!!!! Our website is up and we’re so happy to share it with you. Go check it out at http://www.fermelepavillon.com and book your next vacation 🙂

ferme le pavillon 
This is our entrance. I love driving up this beautiful little road every time we come home.

We’re working our buts off to get everything ready for June. I don’t have much time for writing, so here’s the recap. One house is being entirely renovated with the big help of one hardworking mason, a plumber, an electrician and two painters. Not to mention the cooperation we’ve made with Josephine Hoffmeyer and Caroline Sillesen from File Under Pop, that have drawn the whole house to figure out colors and tiles. They will also select most of the furniture, so everything will work together and give you an aesthetic, comfortable and innovative experience when visiting.

Teis has digged up 25m3 of floor tiles – he was a happy man when he got it all cleared.
Bobcat in the livingroom – Teis got very fond of Bob even though we only had him for four days. It was an efficient friendship.

We’ve moved around a bit in the two houses but are now settled in the bergerie, the second house, where there is a two-room apartment on the side furthest away, which will give us some privacy, when the six B&B rooms hopefully will be full all summer. School is going well. Sometimes tough for both of them in different ways. Aya is feeling lonely and Eddie seems stressed after a long day. He’s more agressive and loud than usual. Aya is beginning to get some friends which is making a big difference. We had the first playdate at our house Saturday, a milestone that hopefully is the beginning of good friendships to come. Likewise we’re starting to get to know some of the parents and I’m meeting people from the village when going to yoga. It’s a nice feeling becoming more rooted and known in the community. Else we could might as well be anywhere in the world, in our own little bubble. It’s the relations to the people around us, the village, the community, the parents in school, the teachers, the bakery, getting friends and acquaintances that creates everyday life. It feels good to be able to say hi to people and be recognized.

The stairs where we pick-up Aya after school at 16.30
School yard with a view (to the neighboring village Claviers)

Getting our stuff from Denmark in the end of January quickly made our small place feel like home. We have two bedrooms, a bathroom and a kitchen which is all we need and we feel so cosy here. To be able to split totally between us and the guests we will build a wall in the next door room, which means we will get a living room as well. Right now the issue is still to warm up the thick walled stonehouse, so we stick to warming our rooms and the little kitchen and prefer going out in the sun to get warm. Here’s a couple of pictures to give you an idea of how we live.

The kids’ room quickly felt like home and they’re sleeping so well here in the same room that we practically have our bedroom for ourselves except for Odette, the 3rd kid.
Our bedroom (and Odettes!)
We were so lucky to have french friends from Denmark visiting. Boris, Rachael, Elodie and Oscar were our former neighbors in Vesterbro. They now live in Paris but have family close to us. What are the odds 🙂

It feels great to be our own boss. Of course there are days where we are stressed about issues we don’t know enough about, economic decisions and deadlines approaching and it’s difficult to keep high spirits. But mainly the days fly by busy taking care of matters that need to be done step by step. It’s a lot easier getting up in the morning driven by enthusiasm towards a goal we set ourselves, than to get up to go to a job, I don’t really see the bigger meaning in. The challenge can be to find the right balance in the family and not always working. It’s difficult to be present and focused with the kids. when we always have things we can do and things we need to discuss. I have to sometimes put off work and concentrate on just being with the kids. At other times they get an Ipad (too often I feel), because we need the time to discuss things, talk to the builders or work on the homepage and other things that are equally important, if we want this to succeed. Basically they are alright and we have to think about the bigger perspective to sometimes take the necessary decisions and put them to school all day even though they are sad or let them stay with an Ipad all day if needed.

They’re outside too. Probably a lot more than when we lived in Vesterbro. We have 3HA of terrain, all fenced so they can play around with Odette everywhere. It’s gonna be great to get some friends and guests to play with in the huge garden.

That’s all for now. I gotta get back to them kids and that marketing plan. We’ll get it up on booking.com soon. But do go and check out the website. Would be great if you would stop by some day. You can’t really see the rooms yet on the page, since they’re not finished. But I promise, they will be so nice. We’ll go a long way to make you feel comfortable.

See you soon.