Who are we

The four of us in Provence, in the summer 2017, where it all started

Teis is a teacher and former chef. He did part of the chef education and has worked a lot in catering. The last 6-7 years he has worked as a teacher in the ordinary school system and in schools for deprived or socially malfunctioning children and young adults. He will be the man in charge of the kitchen. It’s his dream to cook all day long making everything from the bottom with the use of good, local groceries. When he goes to sleep he’s planning the menu and thinking about which ingredients to use for what, how to make vegetarian alternatives and French desserts. He’s mainly looking forward to get a chest freezer and a lot of equipment and machines for the kitchen.

Christel – I’m a social worker with a candidate in Global Studies from Lund University. I’ve done a lot of different social work but my heart beats with West Africa where I have spend some time in both Cameroon and Liberia. I love meeting new people and get to know new cultures and ways of perceiving and living life. Last I worked as a process facilitator and coordinator, which I love to do and is pretty much also what I do right now. When we start up the B&B, I will be in charge of coordinating the calendar, taking good care of our guests, establish local partnerships and ensuring that there is a warm and welcoming environment. I love to move our furnitures around and think of new interior constellations, which is why I look so much forward to get a whole house to play with. Besides that I’m getting into the marketing side of it and since I love to write, it’s been great for me to start this blog.

Aya is 8 years old, she’s born in January 2010. She’s finishing 1st grade this summer and is looking forward to move to France. She will miss her friends, she says, but they agreed that they will all come visit us. Aya loves swimming and therefore getting a pool is a big plus in her book. She also made a deal that she gets a trampoline when we move, since we hopefully will have a garden and loads of space. So we need a place with space for the trampoline.

Eddie is 2 years old, turning 3 this summer. He’s from July 2015. Eddie is a happy boy and we’re pretty sure it will be easypeasy taking him to France. But we’ll see, maybe there are surprises waiting. They start school at the age of 3 in France, so it will probably be quite different from a Danish kindergarten. We talk a lot about France at home, so their world map pretty much consist of Denmark and France. This means that whenever he gets his running bike, he’s going to a meeting in France. He’s ready.