Where are we

Here we are – 1 hour and 15 minutes from Nice airport

We are so happy we found a place in exactly this area. This is our favorite part of Southern France and Var. There were a time where we had given up on finding anything in this area. If you want to know more about where we searched for a house, check out the descriptions below:

departements en France, Var

From 2016 France is divided into 13 regions. This map shows 22 regions and is from before the reorganisation of the country. Each region is divided into departments and each department consist of a small amount of arrondissement, lots of cantons and even more communes. We are in the region called Provence Côte d’Azur (PACA). In PACA there are six departments. Nice is situated in the department called Alpes Maritimes (06), which aligns with the Italian border and we are looking for a house in the neighboring department named Var (83). They all have numbers.

Var is approximately 6.000 km2 and has 1 million inhabitants. To compare I can mention that Sealland (the island in Denmark where Copenhagen is situated) is 7.031 km2 and has 2.3 million inhabitants. 56% of Var is covered in forest.

kort over provence

This map shows most of the PACA region and the French Riviera between Nice and Marseille. We are focused around the geographical area marked by the black circle. This is an area we know well from holidays and the area we like the most after having toured and looked for houses in most of Var, Alpes Maritimes and parts of Vaucluse.

The arrow shows where we will be the first seven weeks from the 8th of August until the 26th of September. We have rented a small holiday house in Tourrettes/ Fayence situated 45 minutes drive from Nice. We fly to Toulon, SAS has direct flights in summertime, and drive from there.

Map of househunt area, Nice:Draguignan

This map shows more detailed the area and the villages we concentrate our househunt around. Cotignac, Tourtour and Aups are all lovely villages in the Western part of Var. Lorgues is an attractive village where lot of Danes go every year or have their second home. Same goes for Tourettes in the Eastern part of Var with neighboring Fayence, where we spend our holiday last year and a short drive away you find the hilly village of Bargemon placed close to Montferrat and Callas. Draguignan is the administrative heart of the area and a bigger city with shops, business and market every day.